April 19th, 2017

Several months ago there was a flurry of headlines claiming that Michio Kaku had proven the existence of God. In this exclusive interview with the...
April 18th, 2017
Sports Tech

Are you ready for the most exciting part of the sports season? The football event that gets everyone in the family around the TV? Yes, you know what...

Surveillance Technology Drove America to Enter World War I

Lately, we’ve been hearing on a daily basis about alleged wiretapping by leaders and governments both foreign and domestic. Americans find themselves asking, What is our government up to? What might be the consequences of governments’ abilities... April 21st, 2017

What is "Calm Technology?"

We live in an era of interruptive technology. The world beeps at us incessantly, dividing our attention and fragmenting our focus. Our divided attention can lead to dangerous situations, such as trying to focus on driving directions while speeding... April 19th, 2017

Are You and Your Home Ready for a Staycation?

Are you ready for a Staycation? Summer is coming quickly, and this year is the year you are finally going to do something with the backyard. You are ready for a Staycation, and you are not alone. Outdoor spaces are second only to kitchens as far as... April 19th, 2017

California Seeks to Steer the Driverless Car (off the road)

The scene is California, specifically Northern California, home to Silicon Valley and some of the most aggressive automotive regulations in the world. The hottest technologies on the market revolve around the autonomous car concept. Google has had... April 12th, 2017

Top 5 Baseball Apps

Baseball is the only major American sport that does not feature a clock in any form. Let that sink in for a bit. Baseball goes at its own pace and allows you to get into a rhythm. As I’m writing this, for instance, I’m taking turns penning... April 9th, 2017